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  • Simple and intuitive checkout design

  • Detailed hints at every payment step

  • Minimum amount of data to enter

  • Detailed error description

  • Unlimited customization options

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Платежная формаПлатежная формаПлатежная формаПлатежная формаПлатежная формаПлатежная формаПлатежная форма

One Payment checkout features

Easy to pay

Through continuous analysis of user behavior, One Payment creates intuitive payment interfaces. Our payment form embodies all the necessary features for an online business and at the same time is simple, intuitive and very compact.

Mobile version

For customers paying for purchases from mobile devices, 1Pay payment form supports the mobile version, which is specially designed for smartphones with touch screens. On average, every 10th client pays from a smartphone and you won't lose it with our payment form.


One Payment customers can use the payment page branding option. Add your logo, description and corporate colors, change the font. Make the payment process convenient and personalized for your customers.

Start accepting online payments now. It's simple!

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