Instant payouts


One Payment clients are available instant mass payouts to bank cards, money transfer systems, telephones or e-wallets of their customers, partners and employees.

Our unique solution allows you to quickly and safely bulk payouts to any number of recipients. Send transfers in any currency and anywhere in the world, on a schedule, using a simple merchant dashboard or direct integration with our API. The ability to quickly switch between different gateways, allows us to maintain high traffic throughput. We comply with stringent international bank card payment security standards.

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Массовые выплаты

Payouts are suitable for

  • Массовые выплаты фрилансерамFreelance Services
  • Массовые выплаты фрилансерамForex companies
  • Массовые выплаты фрилансерамLottery companies
  • Массовые выплаты фрилансерамMarketing promotions
  • Массовые выплаты фрилансерамPartnership programs
  • Массовые выплаты фрилансерамBetting companies and many others.

What else do we have

  • Понятная аналитика

    Clear analytics

    Using our mass payment service, you get a complete set for analytics and tracking of all operations in a simple and functional merchant dashboard. Real-time statistic and transaction registries at the end of every day

  •   Проходимость 99,5%

    Patency 99.5%

    The application of the intelligent routing program and cascading of payments between payment gateways ensures maximum traffic to your users

  • Безопасность


    One Payment work complies with international security standards for the proper monitoring of payouts to bank cards, e-wallets money transfer systems, mobile phones and electronic payment systems

  • Широкое покрытие

    Wide coverage

    One Payment payouts are not limited to plastic cards. Our solution also allows you to bulk payouts to all popular e-wallets, mobile phone balances and bank accounts of your customers

Распределение выплатРаспределение выплатРаспределение выплатРаспределение выплатРаспределение выплатРаспределение выплатРаспределение выплат

Distribute payments as you like:

Настройка оплаты платежей

Set up a schedule and bulk payouts automatically daily, weekly or monthly.

Настройка оплаты платежей

Use the simple and functional API to fully automate the process sending payouts to your customers.

Настройка оплаты платежей

Bulk single payouts or import a CSV file in your merchant dashboard to pay all of your clients at once

We will help you to bulk payouts payments instantly.

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Основные каналы выплатОсновные каналы выплатОсновные каналы выплатОсновные каналы выплатОсновные каналы выплатОсновные каналы выплатОсновные каналы выплат

Main payout channels

Using direct bank gateways, we make instant payouts with the conversion to any currency, while ensuring the highest level of security for all parties.


This type of payouts still occupies a significant share of the EU markets due to ease of registration in payment systems for users, compared to opening a bank account.


How it works

Как устроены массовые выплаты

Clear pricing for any business

There are no hidden fees, no setup fee, you only pay for successful transactions.

Bank cards

Банковские картыБанковские карты

from 3%* + 1 USD/EUR

Electronic wallets


from 3%*

*Pricing depend on the type of business, risk and geography. You can always check the details with your personal manager.

Bulk instant payouts to your clients and partners

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