1Payment Online receipts

We have developed a comprehensive solution for sending fiscal receipts. No need to buy or rent your own cash register. There is no need to conclude an agreement with the FDO and register the cash desk with the tax office. There is no need to pay a subscription fee for the cash desk service. You don’t have to buy a fiscal unit and pay for it every year. You get a ready-to-use online cashier in accordance with Federal Law 54.

Our solution will help you save from 30,000 rubles / year!

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How it works
  • Online checksYou don’t have to do anything yourself.
  • Online checksThe cash register is already set up and sends Receipts to the customer.
  • Online checksThere is no need to embed a cash register on your website and monitor its work.
  • Online checksNo need to manually send receipts to the clients.

Chose the solution wich fits you more

Online checks

1Payment Online receipts

  • You don`t spend money on cash register equipment and time on its setting!
  • 1Payment online cash register is connected in one click in your personal account.*
  • You just have to set up payments.

* The service is provided for 1Payment clients only.

Online checks

Regular online cash register

  • Buy cash register equipment from one of our partners
  • Buy fiscal memory device
  • Sign an agreement with FDO
  • Register your cashbox on the Tax Service website

Cost from 30 000 rubles / year

1Payment Online receipts pricing

No connection and set up fees. No additional cash desk fees. No monthly fees.

You only pay 0,2% for a successful payment receipt.



Online checks

Saving money

No need to pay for cashbox and fiscal memory device. No FDO costs.

Online checks

Everything is clear

Payments together with receipts are available in the 1Payment client account.

Online checks

No worries

We take care of all the worries about monitoring the state of the cashbox so that it works correctly.

Online checks

No settings

One-click connection in your account. You do not need to configure everything yourself.

Why is it important?

Online checks

In accordance with 54-FZ:

  • Online checksFrom 01.07.2017, all online stores and other organizations that accept payments for their products and services by credit card or cash are required to send fiscal checks to the client and to the Federal Tax Service through the FDO.
  • Online checksFrom 01.07.2018, when paying with electronic money, fiscal checks must be sent to the client and to the Federal Tax Service, through the FDO.
  • Online checksIn accordance with the law, an online cash register is not required only for charitable foundations that collect donations.
Online checks

Possible penalties:

  • Online checksThe absence of an online cash register at your online store and failure to comply with 54-FZ may result in fines.
  • Online checksFor individual entrepreneurs, the fine is from 25% to 50% of the proceeds, but not less than 10 thousand rubles.
  • Online checksFor an organization, the fine is from 75% to 100% of the proceeds, but not less than 30 thousand rubles.
Online checksOnline checksOnline checksOnline checksOnline checksOnline checksOnline checks

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