Payment monitoring

When developing innovative payment solutions, we understand that the most important condition for their use is to ensure the continuity of the payment process for users. The user must freely initiate the payment, complete it and receive the service. 1Payment guarantees its clients fault tolerance and uninterrupted payment acceptance. Our servers are located in separated data centers in three countries, so we can withstand peak loads of up to 500 requests per second.

Our primary goal is to provide an uninterrupted service for accepting payments online. After all, if the client was unable to make payment due to a technical error or unavailability of the service, then the partner is forced to bear financial reputation risks. Continuous automatic and manual monitoring of the system by 1Payment specialists on more than 100 indicators allows us to quickly identify the problem at an early stage and take the necessary measures to ensure the stability of payment acceptance.

How do we do it:

Payment monitoringDeviation analysis
Payment monitoringOnline monitoring
Payment monitoringManual check
Payment monitoringReserve gateways
Payment monitoringAnalysis for each partner
Payment monitoringTechnical Support 24/7
Payment monitoring Payment monitoring Payment monitoring Payment monitoring Payment monitoring Payment monitoring Payment monitoring

Our work in numbers. We are proud of the current performance, however, we continue to improve the platform, introducing new technologies and international best practices to ensure the stability of the payment process.

>100More than 100 indicators are analyzed inextricably linked to each other.
55 minutes is the average deviation verification interval of each target.
>80More than 80% of all failures are recorded and eliminated by us before the customer contact.
1010 minutes are required to switch to standby operation in case of emergency.
500Up to 500 requests per second are able to withstand the platform in normal operation.

Be confident in the stability of your payment processing.

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